Most of our clients were already informed, but now we make the news official. It is with a heavy heart, but we are taking a break.


Last year was an amazing year. We have worked with all kind of dogs, from chihuahua's with heart problems, border collies who where to scared to chase a ball, and pack of wild dogs. We have worked inside our little rainy country, in most of the surrounding countries, but we also travelled the globe: from Texas to Cape Verde, dog where eager to talk with us no matter where.


We have learned, worked and enjoyed every moment of it. But we have forgotten to take some days off. ;) Dogs do not do the 9-5 thing that well. We have worked more than 70 hours a week, and have been with you every holiday there was. It was AMAZING, but long term, this is not working.


To make sure we will be able to do this for a longer time, we have decided to take a break. To be with our family. To look at the business and see how we can make this work with normal working hours. And to reload our batteries. 


This means we are no longer taking on new clients. We are not yet giving a date of when we restart, but it will be a break of several months for sure. As soon as we restart, you will be able to read it here!


We hope the lesson already given will lead to better understanding and bonding with all your dogs. We wish you an amazing year, with a lot of fun with your pack. Please give all our 'clients' an extra cuddle from us. Or, those who do not like to cuddle, a nice bone. ;)



We hope to see you soon!



Kind regards,


The Roedelwerk-team (The Dog Riddle)





The Dog Riddle Team wishes you a warm welcome.


Have you ever been faced with your dog behaving in an incomprehensible and/or unacceptable way? 

And being at a complete loss as to how to deal with it?



We understand how difficult, frustrating and at times distressing such situations can be, which is why we will put in the necessary time and energy to help you understand and resolve the issue. 


Our greatest reward is to see a happy balanced dog and thus a happy owner.


 A happy balanced dog


 * can accompany you anywhere without any hassle;


 * will come back at your first call;


 * feels relaxed and secure in any situation or place. 


You want to be able to communicate seamlessly with your dog? We will get you there.